"I was guided to her for one reason...."

"I can’t recommend working with Katie strongly enough. I was guided to her for one reason and ultimately our work together was entirely different but exactly what I needed. She is so intuitive and able to help you get to the core of where you are held back and how to move in the direction of what you truly want. Versus what you think you should be doing. I love her mix of spirituality and no nonsense groundedness. After working with her I felt seen and understood as well as had greater connection to my own inner direction and guidance for my next steps."
Coby Scaccia, PT
Physical Therapist

"I've never experienced anything like Katie's approach to coaching..."

Before working with Katie I felt a resistance and an inability to fully trust and surrender into my spiritual life. My intuition told me that this was a block that was holding me back in both life and in business. Her coaching and her methods provided a way into parts of myself I wouldn't think to access on my own. She provided a way to find and release the blocks that were holding me back. She connected the dots between family dynamic patterns and my present life circumstances. She showed me why they were occurring and showed me a way to shift those patterns in order to heal. Since working with Katie, my business has been having record months after record months. My relationship with my family has deepened. I've felt safer, more able to be vulnerable, and more myself. This has allowed for a closer connection to both my family and myself. Being more open has allowed me to feel more "heard" and allowed my family to feel more appreciated and loved. Between increased business success and deeper family connections, I feel like I'm riding high in life! I've never experienced anything like Katie's approach to coaching and I can't recommend her highly enough for the transformational work that she does!
Dr. Matt Goodrich, DC
Performance + Fitness Coach + Doctor of Chiropractic
CEO of Medical Muscle

"She continued to light the way...."

"Katie helped to give me the permission to go for what I actually wanted. Since working with her, I have made some positive mindset shifts and have also been taking the right risks to get where I need to be. I was avoiding it before we talked because I didn't think I could have it. I am so grateful for the work I did with Katie and thank her for continuing to light the way."
Mike Richardson
Engineer - Mike Richardson Agency

"Katie's ability to see the cracks in my business is second to none..."

Katie's ability to see the cracks in my business and help me fill them in with income generating opportunities is second to none. I had just an hour-long consultation with her and she was able to see, effortlessly, where I could be generating more revenue in some areas in which I was already doing work with clients. This has helped me tremendously already and I'm excited to work with Katie in the future to take my business to the next level.
Clark Engelbert
Founder/CEO Nutritional Analytics

"The result was that in less than a year, my business revenue grew...."

 I approached Katie Edwards Corbin, because I was overflowing with ideas and enthusiasm but struggling with how to put it all together to create momentum. Katie helped me by acting as a business filter and encouraging focus in certain areas. The result was that in less than a year, my business revenue grew, we moved into a larger office location, started more programs, hired more associates and were able to provide more services to the community. One thing I liked was direct and to-the-point advice. While occasionally I disagreed, she respected that too and would help me incorporate our different ideas. I found the experience incredibly useful and freeing. I would recommend Katie to people who need specific guidance, encouragement and direction.
Susannah Baldwin
CEO Reproductive Journey

"I've had my most profitable year ever...."

After working with Katie, I’ve had my most profitable year ever and all during a recession! I experienced a profit increase of almost 30% this year and I can’t thank Katie enough for helping guide me to the most successful and abundant year of my career. The improvements I experienced were both quick and significant. She has the ability to help you find the best way for you to show up for yourself and your clients. Here’s to another year of abundance!.
Dr. Chris Rowan, DC
CEO Slaying Education

"I received so much value..."

When I did the Money Shadow program with Katie I received so much value from the recordings. Each session takes you deeper into yourself so that you can move through the barriers you are holding against receiving more. I listened to each recording multiple times. In fact I spent a good month just working with the first recording. I had so many layers to move through and each time I re-visited the recording I went deeper and deeper. The integration sessions were also very helpful in allowing my subconscious to move deeper and bring up the next layer that was ready to be seen. It took me a while to make it through this program, my mind wanted it to go faster but I truly got the most value out of taking it slow and allowing each layer to materialize and release before moving onto the next.
Bridget Schuch
CEO Gratitude Yoga and Movement Space, LLC

"I can say I feel more empowered now than I have in a long time..."

I started my journey with Katie in May 2021. Prior to my sessions with Katie, emotionally and mentally I had checked out. I was never really present in the moment and was always looking for a way to numb my emotions and run away from the healing I needed. I was almost 100% disembodied. At first, I struggled with the healing process, but Katie worked with me to help me find something I could do to reground myself into my body slowly, and was extremely patient with me even as I dragged my feet. You see, I wanted to heal and get better, but i was also fighting it. She helped me become more aware, without judging me. In the past year, I can say I feel more empowered now than I have in a long time. I learned to say no without saying no, and strengthened my boundaries. But the most important thing I learned in my healing process was to be aware of what I, and my body needed. To be able to love myself more, and especially even more so, when someone tries to push my boundaries, I can recognize that, and walk away without entertaining it.
Michelle Lee
Massage Therapist
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