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Are you ready to turn your small business into a legacy?

Welcome to Beyond Institute.

Beyond Institute helps entrepreneurs transform their businesses into thriving, lucrative empires that promote productivity, self-development, health and wellness, and spirituality. We empower ambitious people to build the freedom-based business and lifestyle they have always wanted through in-depth coaching sessions and innovative certification programs.

What We Offer


Do you find yourself wanting more for yourself and your business? Are you looking to expand, enhance, or rejuvenate the direction of your business? We can help you do just that! Our engaging coaching services will help scale your business and promote productivity and positivity outside of your business. When you are thriving, your business is flourishing.


Our immersive certification programs empower entrepreneurs to build new or strengthen existing techniques that empower them to operate efficiently and effectively in their businesses. These in-depth and enlightening programs equip professionals with the knowledge to build wealth and legacy by being boldly authentic. We offer the tools and resources that help you take your business to the next level. These programs are online virtual programs that can be accessed conveniently from any device.


Immerse yourself and your business in our performance and growth strategy programs that will amplify and accelerator your wealth and profit strategy in many different areas.

Who We Work With

We collaborate with professionals worldwide and help them thrive in business and life in general. You might find yourself seeking guidance on how to get to the next level, or maybe you desire change and are ready to try something new.

We could make a great pair if you are:

Benefits of Working With Beyond Institute

Our passion for empowering and inspiring individuals to be the best version of themselves stems from our desire to make the world a happier place. We help entrepreneurs transform themselves and their businesses by helping them unlock their greatest potential. We embrace our combined leadership, management, and self-development approach and are committed to delivering beyond our clients’ expectations.

Bring Prosperity, Purpose and Wealth Into Your Own Hands

Our mission here at The Beyond Institute is to go beyond the ordinary and provide extraordinary results to our clients. 

We aim to help them build a profitable business tied with purpose and passion.

Meet The Founder

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Katie, and I am the founder of Beyond Institute. My enthusiasm for helping others unlock their superpowers is what motivated me to launch an empire of my own. At Beyond Institute, we strive to take you beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

From Me To You

Intuition. A word we tend to hear a lot, and the voice inside of us that lets us see opportunities, while informing us when something doesn’t seem right. It’s our instinct speaking at its best, which is inherently connected to our spirit, and it’s something quite wondrous; but unfortunately, we tend to ignore this calling (quite a lot) and get guided by “pretty” noise, which doesn’t contribute into our goals.

I know this, because I was exactly there: Ever since I was little, I’ve been carrying the gift of foresight and observation, perceiving beyond the physical and feeling the signs within me; but I really didn’t know how to use it, much less did I know if it was a blessing or a curse upon me. I was just a child when a healer set me free from various, chronic health issues, and the experience remained with me; so when I was 21, I left behind the traditional college career to start a path in alternative medicine, specifically under the Chinese philosophy.

Of course, it was unexpected and unconventional, the outside was telling me it didn’t make sense to study that, and I even questioned myself based on the thoughts of others, but what really matters is how your soul feels about it.

My inner voice was leading me to it, so I immersed deep into this way of healing; and after completing a specialty in infertility & women’s reproductive health, I discovered another area that stirred me towards happiness and serenity: Marketing, technology & profit-building. I realized I wanted to blend my two darlings, health and marketing, and give them a purpose.

This became the founding pillar of The Beyond Institute: Through our actions, I mean to give resources and coach entrepreneurs, visionaries on the health & wellness area, so they can notice their abilities, enhance them, and create a sustainable, constant profit; all based on strategy behind the marketing. It all starts by listening to your voice, and more than meaning to be your intuition, I want to help you on being attentive to it.

I’m always inspired by people who practice what they preach, so TBI focuses on conscious business whose creation is made to improve every person’s life, with a true commitment to move beyond the common and give that complete solution to a need. With our help, we want you to connect with people, have massive wealth based on your passion, and acquire it with freedom, according to what you believe in.

I invite you to invite us into your business, so we can unveil all its potential together and take it from the ordinary, into an extraordinary realm.

Wishing you prosperity,

Katie Edwards Corbin, creator of The Beyond Institute.

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