Trusting your Intuition

What exactly is intuition? 

Intuition is that gut response you feel when you know something is wrong or  just off. We have all experienced this in our lives whether it is just knowing  without actually knowing something. It is within that response we tend to  override how we feel initially about a situation. Instead, we question, over  think, and overwork our brains into figuring it out. This may be a hard  concept to grasp for some people but others know exactly when they have it  and what it feels like to feel it. 

Even if we know we have it; we ask how do we use it. Most of us have never  been taught to use it – at all. That innate instinct is something that animals  follow on a day to day basis, as humans we do not listen to that. It is  engrained within us and it’s vitally important to understand how to recognize it. 

One of my greatest teachers of all time taught me how to do this. Not only  how to do it, but to use it and trust it.

Those of us who have developed a love for yoga, meditation, or any other  forms of getting back in touch with ourselves may be able to realize this more  and more. 

One thing that comes with trusting your inner intuition is over thinking and  rationalizing a situation. Now let’s “think” deeply about that thought and over  analyze every aspect of it. 

Let’s break it down and why we are thinking that thought in the first  place. Let’s consistently second guess ourselves. 

When we create that cycle in the mind we don’t even realize that is how we do  everything. It’s that pattern of conditioning that we develop to override our  innate instincts. 

Let me go back for a second and have you think about a time where you so  caught up in the moment that everything just seemed to flow effortlessly. You  showed no resistance to the situation and you allowed yourself to trust  yourself. Can you remember a time like that? 

You felt compelled to call an old friend and they were just thinking about  you. You just knew you that wasn’t the right time to head out for groceries  and you were stuck in a traffic jam. You observed how your children were  feeling and embraced them even though they never told you anything was  wrong. You just know. 

Now learn to trust it.

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