How to Let Go of Self-Limiting  Beliefs

Like many things, the first step to letting go of limiting beliefs is by recognizing you are doing it.

Identify Common Negative Thoughts

Take stock of everyday occurrences that bring negative thoughts. This could be your daily commute or strained relationship with a coworker. By identifying small areas that bring you unhappiness and negativity, you can slowly start to focus on each instance. What makes your commute so bad, your relationship so strained? In what ways do you contribute to it? In what ways can you help change the situation?

Evaluate Your Thoughts

Throughout your day, take a pause and do a quick assessment. What is your current mood? What has caused negative thoughts so far and can you find anything positive about them?

Find The Humor In Bad Situations

Some bad situations aren’t as bad as they seem and often offer up some very humorous moments. Finding aspects to smile or laugh about will help reduce the stress and worry you feel. Humor will also help you find the postive aspects of the situation and help stop the self-blaming cycle.

Find Healthy Ways to Handle Emotions

There is a big link between physical exercise and mental wellbeing. Exercise emits endorphins, reduces stress, and can be a great way to work out some frustration. And I’m not talking about kickboxing. Even a 15-minute walk can clarify your thoughts, release those endorphins and get you on your way to a better attitude.

Evaluate Your Surroundings

Your environment can be a huge stressor and cause for negativity. Your environment is more than just your physical surroundings. People are a large part of your environment and it’s important to fill those surroundings with positive people. Back to the saying about like-minded people. Being caught up in a negative spiral will only inflame if you’re around those who feed the fire. Finding positive people to be around will help remind you to look at the positive aspects of a situation and they won’t add fuel to your negative fire.

Positive Self Speak

The last and perhaps most important way to end your negative thoughts starts with you. Yes this will sound cliche but it is very true “don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to anyone else.” However simple that may sound, when put into practice, can have a profound impact on your attitude, outlook, and life. 

Change never comes easy, but focus on one step at a time, one situation at a time, and you’ll start to feel a difference. 

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