Empower your Life Key #1

How do you feel when you have a moment of inspiration and empowerment? 

You feel good right? You feel as if you are in a space where anything is  possible and the limits to what you can do are endless. You feel powerful,  beautiful, and in tune with the world. You feel at peace and stress has faded  out of your life. 

This feeling can come when you accomplish a task you really wanted, hug an  old friend, smile ear to ear, or hold a baby in your arms. It reminds you that  miracles exist everyday in our world and these are moments that we know  they exist. 

What if I told you this was accessible to you all the time? 

There’s 10 easy steps that can get you to this place of empowerment. You  not only learn to empower yourself but you learn to empower those around  you. When you are able to access this place you are limitless and your  abundant potential is at your reach. 

Take the “Empower Yourself” Challenge. 

Practicing one key for 7 days. 

Key #1

1. Lay of the Foundation with Conscious Awareness 

The number one key to empowering yourself is becoming present. Now you  hear about this all the time in the new age way of thinking about having  presense and how to get there. This is not a NEW thing at all. It’s not  necessarily what you do but who you already are. One of the easiest ways to  become more present to pay attention to the breath. 

Now take a full deep breath in… and exhale out. 

Deep breath in… and breathe out. 

And repeat. 

Stay here for a second. 

See how it feels to pay attention to the breath. 

Now close your eyes and do it again. 

Three deep breathes in and three deep breathes out. 

Feel your mind and body begin to relax and find a state of peace. 

This only takes a few minutes out of your day to learn to become more  present. 

This can be life changing. 

Now we can practice this everyday before we wake up and before we go to  bed. This will bring more presence into your day and close your evening in 

that same state. By doing this we bring the idea into our minds that  everything in the same of presence and it flows smoothly and effortlessly. We  find it easy to go about our day once we access this internal state. We remind  ourselves we do not know anything and we need not know anything more. It  is only within this place is where we are vibrantly alive and can empower  ourselves to move forward in what is true for us. In a world where we are told  to be anything other then yourself, learn to be yourself. 

Your assignment is to pay attention to the breath for 7 days. Notice how this  changes your mindset and your thoughts. Feel the focus you have and how  you can better empower yourself to live the life you want to live. 

The breath is powerful and let it empower you. 

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