5 Ways to Look & Feel Your  Best This Summer

The summer months offer us longer days, pool time, and that nice sun-kissed  glow. As we ramp up our vacation plans over the next three months, we want  to be looking and feeling our best. But with too much time in the sun travel  stress, and that boardwalk ice cream cone, it can be tough to keep yourself  looking and feeling great. 

But we’ve got five great tips to keep you loving your body all season long.


When you’re hanging in the pool or at the beach it can be easy to forget  to drink water instead of just jumping in when you need a cooldown. Our 

bodies are over 60% water and there are more signs to dehydration than just  a headache. 

As little as a % decrease in water can cause: 

• Muscle cramping 

• Joint stiffness 

• Loss of appetite 

• Dry mouth 

• Constipation 

• Lightheadedness 

Dehydration can even lead to cognitive issues like attention and short term  memory problems. 

Properly hydrating your body with water is also crucial in taking care of your  skin. After a long day outside, under the beaming rays of sun (and maybe  even a few cold ones) your skin dried out. You are in need of moisture to  prevent that scaly skin look. Carry a reusable water bottle around with you and aim to drink at least three  bottles a day. Increase your intake of water-heavy foods like cucumbers,  celery, tomatoes, radishes, spinach, and, of course, watermelon.

Facial Rejuvenation (Through Acupuncture)

The days of traditional facelifts are over. There is a new, toxin-free way to  keep those sun wrinkles at bay: cosmetic acupuncture. 

The acupuncture needles are placed along high energy areas of your face.  The needles, when placed correctly, help release any blocked energy. This  improves your circulation and allows skin cells to regenerate quicker. This 

process also increases collagen production, which is what keeps those  wrinkles away. 

Toxic Free Skincare Products

Once you’ve started hydrating properly and invested in a facial acupuncture  session you’ll want to steer clear of toxic-filled skin care products. Some of the  most common toxins to avoid are: 

• Parabens – there is a large family of these living in everything from soap  to makeup. They can appear as Methylparaben, Propylparaben,  Butylparaben, and Ethylparaben. 

• Fragrance – this one word covers about 3,000 chemicals, many of  which are one the extremely toxic list. (get the whole story on fragrance) Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Sodium Laureth Sulfates, and Phthalates are also a  few more toxins you need to watch out for. Using products with these can not  just clog up your pores, they can disrupt your hormone imbalances. Man of  these chemicals has been linked to cancer, while others cause birth defects  and other reproductive issues. 

Avoiding products with these ingredients sadly force us to look outside  traditional beauty aisle shelves. There are a handful of truly toxic free product  lines worth considering, but our favorite at the Center of Bliss is the ARCONA  line. We’ve found these to be high-quality, made with bio-compatible  ingredients, and are certified cruelty free by the CCIC. 

Vitamin D

With the sun shining high and bright longer than ever during the summer  months, you probably aren’t worried about getting enough Vitamin D.  However, for you to get enough rays to satisfy your body’s need for Vitamin  D, you’d need to be outside between 10 am – 2 pm without any sunscreen  and with your arms and legs fully exposed. 

Most Americans aren’t getting this type of exposure and if they are, they are  most likely using sunscreen (which is very much advised).But don’t sweat it, there are several supplement lines out there that will help  you maintain proper Vitamin D levels. Before heading to your local natural  food store, you’ll want to consult with an expert on the matter.

Each of our bodies are different. Different hormone levels, different health  needs, different supplement needs. You can run the risk of overdosing  yourself or not taking enough to see an impact. Visit a natural health specialist so they can look at you and your body’s needs  to get you the right Vitamin D supplement in the right dosage.

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